Residents remember May 3, 1999 tornado outbreak in Oklahoma

What do you remember about May 3, 1999 tornadoes?

TULSA - Do you remember that day?

We're talking about May 3, 1999. That day more than 60 tornadoes roared across Oklahoma and Kansas leaving a devastating wake of destruction and killing 48 people.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Threlkeld wrote about the storm on the 13 year anniversary Thursday, calling it the worst tornado outbreak of his career. And after we shared his story on Facebook, many of our fans recalled where they were and what they were doing that same day.

Mike Romine commented: Horrible I was in the ninth grade and I remember seeing the pics of moore and it looked like an a-bomb was dropped there

Angelia Warren said she was watching Dan, who was working at the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City at the time, and the other meteorologists. She said she remembers, my little boy standing there every time live radar came on, trying to decide which way to run for safety. We were so grateful to know that you and the others were there watching the storms for us, keeping us informed to keep us safe. I've always been grateful to all of you for that.

And then there's Shelley Ann Dixon's recollection. I was living in Chickasha at the time with my then 4 yr old daughter....I had just popped a pizza in oven but had a very strange & uneasy feeling I just couldn't shake....walked outside & the sky had the widest greenish tint to it that heightened my uneasiness, so I went in & turned on they were reporting the tornado heading our direction, I got a phone call from a friend who was on the H.E. Bailey tpk on his way to visit us from Midwest City telling us to take cover immediately in our basement....I quickly turned the stove off, grabbed our puppy, & we could hear it roaring by just blocks from our house...after the All-clear, & my friend got back on tpk from stopping @ McDonald's to watch it go by, worried it may have hit didn't, thank goodness, just LOTS of debris in our yard & some shingles off my unfortunately completely sucked my aunt & uncle's house in Newcastle off the ground, literally leaving nothing but the concrete base & cousin's car "parked" in a tree with a big branch sticking right through the driver's seat. Fortunately, they escaped with minutes to spare after seeing it literally head straight for them from their kitchen door....they have now re-built just yards from where the original house stood & uncle has built a garage/workshop onto the base of where the old house stood. My friend & I drove around Moore, Del City, & OKC & past stroud the day it happened & I took, I think, at least 3 rolls worth of pictures that day. Unbelievable, most unforgettable, & one of the saddest days of my life. My daughter's biological father also passed away on this day. It has changed my viewpoint on tornadoes & now when there are any watches/warnings in our area(we are now back in my hometown in Craig county in far NE Oklahoma), I am always watching the weather & keeping track w/my weather apps on my cell & prepared "just in case", riddled w/anxiety until the danger has passed. The storms we had this past week knocked out our power from 1:20-5am that night. Let's just say I had VERY little sleep that night. Ugh. I LOVE thunderstorms....just pray for tornadoes to stay away! :)

What about you? Where were you that day? What do you remember? It was a scary day in the Sooner state, one that many of us will never forget. Share your thoughts below in our Comments section.

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