Residents in the neighborhood of the location of the 7th serial attack become worried

TULSA - Homeowners on 4th and Quebec were angry and scared following the recent sexual assault there.

Neighbors described their street as "quiet and tight-knit." Most said they couldn't believe the attack happened despite their high vigilance.

Witnesses said they noticed odd occurrences around the neighborhood leading up to the attack. Most reported seeing a car packed at one of the house which had a blanket covering the tag number.

Resident, Billy White said he's up at all hours of the night and noticed a man who looked to match the sketch police released.

“That person I think I saw him walking down the street around 3 a.m.,” he said. “ He was wearing a dirty white t-shirt, looked homeless maybe.”

A resident spoke to the victim after her attack and says she's doing well despite her tragedy.

Neighbors want everyone to take a look at the sketch and help catch the man who hurt their neighbor and friend.​

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