Residents gather to learn more about earthquakes

PRAGUE, Okla. - Nearly three dozen earthquakes have rocked Oklahoma since last week.

Residents who are at or near the epicenter are preparing.

About 350 people filled the community center in Prague, Thursday night.

"The epicenter is in that cluster southwest of the red box," a geologist said as he pointed to a map.

The Lincoln County residents were all wanting to learn more about the earthquakes they've been feeling for the past several days.

"I live in a mobile home and of course the walls were swaying back and fourth and I didn't really know at first what was going on," Kaye McCord said.

Damage is still seen around town, from cracks to collapsed walls.

"Between the doors in all the closets we have cracks that are about, they're about this wide," Leanne Collier said.

Joe and Mary Reneau were in the audience.

About an hour before the meeting 2News crews were at their home with State Insurance Commissioner John Doak and Lincoln County Emergency Management officials.

Their property is ground zero, about 50 yards away from the epicenter.

The Reneau's have been feeling the tremors and other quakes for days.

They said pretty much anything on a shelf or wall ended up on the floor.

"We've had the rubber bands around here," Mary Reneau said, as she pointed to the kitchen cabinet handles.

The Reneau's are among the few residents in this area that actually have earthquake insurance.

It's something many people at the meeting are considering.

"Many Oklahomans do not have coverage. It's not been important to them, and now it's a growing issue for all of us," Commissioner Doak said.

Next week, federal state and local officials will be in the area touring the damage.

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