Rep. Jim Bridenstine tours Fort Sill for first time, seeks action from Congress

Lawton, Okla. - Rep. Jim Bridenstine was finally granted access to Fort Sill Saturday, where more than a thousand immigrant children are being held.

Rep. Bridenstine first encountered push back earlier this month when he was denied a tour.

Now that he has visited the base and seen the children, he plans on taking his experiences back to Congress

“There's a lot of questions that they were not able to answer and there is a lot of questions that we knew they were not going to be able to answer, but there are answers out there and we are going to do what it takes to get those answers,” Rep. Bridenstine said.

Rep. Bridenstine was joined on the tour by Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn.

Fort Sill is one of 94 facilities around the country currently housing thousands of immigrant children.

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