Red Clay Casino to bring in mobile buildings


A major step could take place this week to expedite an opening of the Kialegee's Red Clay Casino.
Activists against the casino say mobile buildings could arrive on Wednesday. They allege these units were scheduled to be installed today. Multiple calls were made to the tribe's attorney to confirm this, but no one has returned our calls as of this evening.

The dirt has been pushed around for months and now cement slabs are in place for a big reveal. Rob Martinek, co-founder of Casi-NO says, "we heard today that mobile units were going to be delivered to the site."

Martinek says they will house temporary gaming. Installing mobile buildings is fairly common so tribes can start generating money as quickly as possible.

Casi-NO supporters say the temporary buildings will be just that: temporary.

They are still finding ways to stop a permanent build. The group's objective is to halt the city from providing water and sewer services. Broken Arrow Mayor Mike Lester says the tribe hasn't asked to hook-up for utilities nor obtained the necessary permits. Lester says, "they plan to drill a well and have a lagoon system in there. It's within tribal land so the city has no jurisdiction over what they do."

Martinek claims the Kialegee's haven't completed three major steps a tribe must take to build a casino. These include: getting a gaming licenses from the National Indian Gaming Comission; having a property lease from the Bureau of Indian Affairs; and obtaining permission to develop in a restricted area. He says, "the Kialegee tribal town and its developers are screaming down the road at 190 miles per hour. They can break the law until someone pulls them over."

Mayor Lester said in Tuesday night's city council meeting they will discuss if the city can legally deny the tribe of long-term utility services if asked to hook-up.

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