Recount under way for Tulsa County Clerk race

TULSA - The Tulsa County Election Board is still counting ballots in a Republican primary run-off and may not be finished until Friday or Monday.

The board undertook the recount Thursday in the race between Dean Martin and Pat Key for Tulsa County Clerk. 

Last week, Dean Martin, who ran for the office against Pat Key, asked that the votes be retabulated.

Martin lost the Aug. 28 election to Key by just one percent of the vote.

In August, a Key campaign volunteer was arrested for stealing Martin's signs. The Martin campaign said their signs had been disappearing for weeks.

Key issued a response saying she had no involvement in the signs' removals and said her campaign had experienced missing signs as well.

Martin says with fewer than 200 votes separating the candidates, it's important to ensure the results are accurate.

Both Martin and Key are scheduled to appear in court Sept. 14 to hear the judge's decision.

If any irregularities are found, the election will be thrown out and a new election will take place Jan. 2, 2013.

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