Protect your Black Friday buys from thieves

TULSA - After the parades, the turkey and the touch football game,  thousands of people in Green Country will begin the traditional Black Friday shopping a little early.

The crooks and criminals also have a tradition of their own --- going after your stuff.

Police are bringing out reinforcements to patrol shopping centers and malls through the weekend.

It all kicks off with a 8 a.m. Thanksgiving Day doorbuster sale opening at Bass Pro in Broken Arrow.

Police say many shoppers will put their purchases in the car and leave them visible from the outside.

That's a golden opportunity for thieves.

Police say it's best to put your purchases in the trunk where they cannot be seen.

Keep your bags, purse and other belonging close to you when you're in public.

Tulsa Police Capt. Kathy Reynolds said officers with the Tulsa Police Riverside Division will be patrolling parking lots and handling traffic control, but they can't be everywhere.

It's up to you to take the right safety measures.

"Take a little extra step of locking your car and hiding gifts," said Reynolds.   "Don't leave them on the seat. Don't have your hands full of packages and bags."

Broken Arrow Police told 2NEWS extra officers will be on duty starting late Thanksgiving when the majority of stores will open.

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