Precautions taken to avoid the flu at area wrestling event

TULSA - As the number of flu cases continues to rise across Green Country, organizers from one event are taking extra precautions to prevent its spread.

World of Wrestling's 2014 Tulsa Nationals began, Thursday evening, at the Expo Square Pavilion.

The event draws more than 2,000 wrestlers, from at least 40 states, to the area.

Organizer Jack Roller tells 2NEWS that sanitizing wipes will be left on every mat and wrestlers will be encouraged to use them after every match.

"You can't be too cautious," he said.

Roller also is ensuring that announcements are frequently made over the P.A. system, reminding athletes of the sanitizing procedure.

"When they leave here, they want to remember that this was one of the best experiences they ever had," said Roller.

The 2014 Tulsa Nationals will conclude on Saturday evening.

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