Police step up parking enforcement at Tulsa State Fair

TULSA - On the first night of the Tulsa State Fair, police are stepping up their parking enforcement to better protect fairgoers.

Tulsa police have about 15 officers assigned to keep an eye on parking violations.

Before you can enjoy some fun at the fair you'll need to find a parking place.

2News tagged along with officer Gerald Dust as he patrolled the streets around the fairgrounds.

"There are some signs up here that say like 'no parking from here to corner', and 'no parking to corner during events'," Dust said. "And that's what we're looking for, any violations or such like that."

If found in violation, tickets and the possibility of a tow could be expected. But Dust says it's necessary for public safety.

"Our main focus is to make sure the citizens of Tulsa, and people that are visiting Tulsa have a good and safe time ... you get someone up here who needs some help for a fire, or somebody needs a paramedic, it will make it awfully difficult if you've got that street blocked," Dust said.

If you don't want to fight for a parking spot, you can pay to park on the fairgrounds. Or you can always take a free shuttle.

For more on the Tulsa State Fair, including parking, a list of rides and more, visit our special page at kjrh.com/tulsastatefair .

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