Police offer possible motive in courthouse shooting

TULSA - More than 24 hours after a shooting outside the Tulsa County Courthouse, a motive remains unclear.

Photos taken during the shooting are graphic, but they play a critical role in the investigation.

They show the suspect, 23-year-old Andrew Joseph Dennehy, standing in the plaza with a gun. He fires at least one shot, hitting 25-year-old Deputy David Fortenberry. Then other deputies shoot Dennehy.

Many wonder what pushed Dennehy to act.

Police are looking at several possible motives. 2NEWS sought out Dennehy's parents to see what state of mind he was in leading up to Wednesday afternoon.

His father wouldn't speak to us. According to police, his parents aren't talking to them much either.

There was speculation that Dennehy had recently been in drug court and had it out for a judge or officer. Sgt. Dave Walker says there is no evidence for that and he had not been in court recently for that charge.

Police are also investigating whether Dennehy wanted revenge for his brother's death by police seven years ago.

There is one motive investigators are pinpointing but it's not definitive.

"We'll certainly look at the possibility of it being suicide-by-cop. That's the first thing that comes to mind when you come to an area where you know law enforcement is and pull a gun out and fire rounds in the air, knowing what kind of reaction you are going to receive," said Oficer Jason Willingham.

Dennehy's injuries prevent him from talking to police. He is recovering from surgery after being shot in the face.

The injured deputy is also in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. The innocent bystander, who was shot in the leg by a stray bullet from a deputy's gun, was taken to the hospital in fair condition and is also expected to fully recover.

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