Police bust a storage theft ring with many victims

TULSA - Tulsa Police say they've busted a storage theft ring with possibly hundreds of victims.

Two people are in custody.

26 year-old Jani Blakesley and 27 year-old Luther Wray are suspected in dozens of burglaries.

Investigators say the crooks would rent out space at storage rental facility, then come back at night, cut the locks, and rob dozens of other units.

Richard Westfield is just one of many victims in the Tulsa area.

"Parked it on Sunday, come back Monday, my trailer was gone," said Westfield.

His trailer was stolen from a storage facility in east Tulsa.

"I just felt like I was disgusted, you know? Why me? I don't bother people's stuff," said Westfield.

Police aren't sure exactly how many others share Westfield's sentiment, but it could be hundreds.

"We've got a mass of rental units between Oklahoma City and Tulsa that have been pilfered," said Sgt. Brandon Watkins with the Tulsa Police Department.

Police say a spike in storage unit thefts in the area led to a month long investigation, and eventually pointed police to the couple, Wray and Blakesley.

"He's paying for the rental unit, he's using it as a cover, that gives him access to get inside but it also leaves a paper trail that's pretty easy for us to follow," said Watkins.

Investigators say the pair isn't picky when it comes to what they take, everything from guns to video game systems  Some of it is simply junk.

"You open up the door and there may be something awesome inside or there maybe nothing, but they don't make a whole lot of money out of it, and there's usually a whole lot of evidence left behind and it's kind of a stupid crime," said Watkins.

Police believe there could be even more arrests and they expect to find many more victims.

"We're anticipating uncovering a lot more property as we find more storage units," said Watkins.

Police are also searching for a person of interest, 28 year-old Brett Chamberlain.

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