Police arrest south Tulsa murder suspect

TULSA - Police have arrested a man in connection with the shooting deaths of two people at a south Tulsa QuikTrip Tuesday night.

Police were called to the area Tuesday after receiving reports of a shooting in the nearby Open Bible Fellowship parking lot around 8 p.m.

When they arrived, they found 27-year-old Patrick Shawn dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

A short time later, 25-year-old Kaylyn Kosofsky was found dead in a car nearby.

Police believe the victims met 24-year-old Zane Atchison at the convenience store.  They say Atchison shot the victims before trying to escape on a motorcycle that failed to start.

Police say he then dumped Shawn's body, drove the car to the other side of the church and fled on foot with Kosofsky's body still inside the car.

Atchison was arrested around 8:30 Wednesday morning after stealing a Ford F-150 truck from a parking lot at Sam's Club near 41st and Sheridan. 

Police broadcast the stolen vehicle's information when they determined the auto-theft suspect resembled Atchison.

Officers spotted the truck near 71st and Wheeling.  Atchison took off on foot but was apprehended after a short pursuit.

Tulsa Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker says Atchison will be booked on several traffic warrants and first degree murder charges.  The theft charges are pending further investigation.

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