Officials: 'Ancient' remains found at McAlester's Lake Eufaula

MCALESTER, Okla. - Officials investigating the discovery of human remains at Lake Eufaula say the bones are ancient.

Several lake visitors reported the remains to authorities, who attribute the discovery to low lake levels.

Medical examiner Angela Berg excavated the remains Tuesday afternoon.

She says two 'ancient' skulls and parts of two bodies were found at the site.

She believes the remains could be between 200 and 2,000 years old. Berg also believes these are two Native Americans based on dental markings and the region they were discovered.

"There's dental wear on these individuals which is more consistent with the use of Metates. They used to grind corn, gravel and sand in their diet which would wear their teeth down quite a bit," said Berg.

Army Corps of Engineers will also look at the remains. The bones will then be sent to state archeologists, who will determine which tribe the remains likely belonged to so a proper burial can take place.

"I don't know when exactly this lake was created, but they certainly could be from a burial ground. Often, Native American tribes bury their dead a long the rivers and creeks," said Berg.

Pittsburg County Undersheriff Richard Bedford told 2NEWS Tuesday morning there were some oddities to the remains, which is why OSBI was called in to investigate.

Bedford said a cinder block was found weighing the remains down, which could have been a trotline that found its way there accidentally.

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