'Pink Pistol' suspect arrested; faces rape, kidnapping and robbery charges

TULSA - A teenager accused of kidnapping a woman on Monday faces a long list of other charges, including rape and robbery, which authorities said stems from a week-long crime spree.

Police arrested Aundra Montwain Walker, 18, on Tuesday night.

Investigators said Walker stole nearly $2,000 worth of items from a home in North Tulsa on Oct. 23, including a pink pistol.

Police said Walker used the pistol to commit more serious crimes a few days later.

On Oct. 26, police said Walker hid inside of a vehicle at a convenience store.

When the female driver entered the car, police said Walker pointed a gun toward her head and forced her to drive to an abandoned house in the 4800 block of North Garrison Place, where he raped her.

Authorities said Walker continued his crime spree two days later.

On Oct. 28, Walker kidnapped another woman at gunpoint and forced her to drive to her house, where he robbed her, according to police.

Investigators said Walker also robbed her brother-in-law before forcing the woman to drive him to a location several blocks from his house.

Authorities said Walker jumped out the car and ran away.

The Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force located and arrested Walker on Tuesday night.

Authorities also executed a search warrant at his house, located in the 5600 block of North Garrison Court.

Police said they found the stolen pink gun Walker used to commit his crimes.

Walker faces a rape and sodomy charge, and multiple charges for kidnapping and robbery.

In addition, he faces a charge for knowingly concealing stolen property.

Court records show he pleaded guilty earlier this month to another charge of concealing stolen property, a pair of sneakers.

Walker is in the Tulsa County jail with no bond.

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