Petitioners in Rogers County seek grand jury investigation of county officials

CLAREMORE, Okla. - "My daughters case is mentioned in this quite a few times," Kristen Rohr said while talking to a Rogers County resident.

For Krisent Rohr, collecting signatures today is personal.

She says her family's rights have been violated and several crimes have also been committed by the Rogers County District Attorney's Office and some of the county's commissioners.

Rohr and other county residents are now collecting signatures for a grand jury hearing.

"This is a petition to impanel a grand jury to investigate Rogers County officials including district attorney Janice Steidley, assistant attorneys David Iski, Timothy Wantland, and county commissioners Mike Helm and Kirt Thacker," petitioner Myron Grubowski said, while reading from the petition.

According to Grubowski, the petition accuses those listed of crimes including witness tampering, destruction of government records, filing false criminal reports, violating victim's rights, bid splitting and violating campaign finance laws.

"I encourage people to read it, because I think people in our community need to know what is going on," Rohr said. "I would say don't even take my word for it. They really do need to read it for themselves."

Set up just outside of downtown Claremore this afternoon, petitioners have 45 days to get more than 4,400 signatures, 16 percent of Rogers County's registered voters, before a grand jury could gather.

Those signatures need to be gathered by an October 11 deadline.

Supporting the petition and gathering signatures today was Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

"The support and numbers here this morning, answered the question," Walton said. "People are definitely concerned about their county government."  

County commissioner Kirt Thacker is named in the petition. Surprisingly, he not only supports it, he plans on signing it.

"Those that have something to hide need to be worried," Thacker said.

He added that he has nothing to hide. In a grand jury courtroom facts are presented, Thacker said. In that courtroom he believes he would be proven innocent of any wrongdoing.

Rohr wants a grand jury to be seated, so her family and others involved with the petition can have their day in court.

"People need to realize there is proof," Rohr said. "So all we need to do is to get it to a jury and they can see it for themselves. That is what needs to happen. It is what has to happen."


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