Perry Don Hill arrested in Friday night Hartford Avenue shooting

TULSA - Tulsa police quickly apprehended a suspect in Tulsa's 23rd homicide for the year.

Officers arriving at the intersection of 56th Street North and Hartford Avenue around 10 p.m. Friday found 51-year-old Henry Rodgers dead from a gunshot wound.

Police say the suspect, 63-year-old Perry Don Hill, admitted to the shooting at the scene.  Hill also directed officers to a handgun in a nearby yard.

Hill was arrested on charges of first-degree murder.

"There was some sort of altercation involved before the shooting, but we don't know the nature of that or what may have started it at this point," said Tulsa Police Sergeant August Terbrock.

A crowd of people gathered after the shooting.  One woman showed symptoms of stress and was transported to the hospital.

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