Peeping Tom victim moving out of apartment, feels angry, sorry for spying suspect

TULSA - Last week, an east Tulsa woman learned her neighbor was spying on her from holes in her ceiling after he confessed to allegations of peeping Tom. 

On Monday, Heidi Lane started packing up boxes, preparing to leave the Tower Crossing Apartments.

"I've been going through all these emotions. Anger and frustration, then sympathy. I felt bad for him and his family," said Lane, 31.

Carlos Perez, 26, was arrested Oct. 10 and admitted to drilling three holes in Lane's ceiling and stealing numerous items, including her important documents, her cellphone and roughly $500 in underwear.

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Lane says the disappearing act began about a year and a half ago. Lane blamed friends for stealing some items and thought she lost her panties at the laundromat.

But when she started hearing noises coming from the ceiling, she called a family member -- a detective with Tulsa Police Department's sex crimes unit -- to check it out. 

He found nothing, and until last Thursday -- when maintenance workers discovered a stash of underwear, mail, photos and other personal items in the attic -- Lane said she struggled to live without anxiety.

"You try to have tough skin. You try not to be scared about everything. You try to reassure yourself it's nothing," she said.

Now, Lane says she's just ready to leave it all behind.

"When I came back after the incident, I heard a bump and I'm like, 'I heard a bump.' Now every little thing you hear you think maybe I should check that out," she said. "I don't want to live like that. It's not fair that I have to be like that because of what he did."

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