Parents react to new A-F school grading system

TULSA - Every public school in Oklahoma now has a letter grade attached to its name.

The Oklahoma Department of Education released the rankings for all of the schools in the state Thursday.

Ten of them received a failing grade. And eight of those "F's" are a Tulsa Public School.

Carnegie, Eisenhower and Zarrow elementary schools, plus Booker T. Washington High are the only TPS schools to make the A list.

SEE TPS  RESULTS   (http:// / tpsgrades for mobile users)

At Lee Elementary School in midtown, many parents are OK with the B grade.

"Oh I think that's wonderful. It is one of the best elementaries in Tulsa Public Schools," said grandparent Vicki Kirkland.

"I think it's awesome. And there's always room for improvement. But a B is really good," said parent Delmar Gray.

But not all parents think a B is good enough.

"A B is great, I disagree with how the grades came about. I think that the formula for it, that the state superintendent came up with was unfair," said parent Sarah Dougherty.

She believes the school deserves an A.

"The parents, the teachers, the superintendents, the people that are actually on the ground here at the schools that know how are schools are doing, we were not part of that process. And I don't think that was right," Dougherty said.

Overall, 18 TPS schools made a C average. But the majority, 37, earned a D. The new grading system is based on factors from student achievement to school performance.


Hale Junior High is listed as failing. Some families were surprised to hear that.

"As far as the school, as far as the way they watch over the students and everything, it's a good school, it really is," said grandparent Kathy Hunt.

Others weren't so surprised. They questioned the education their kids receive. Now that the grades are out, many parents want answers.

"This is where we take our kids. We have to find out if they got a proper education or not," said Art Yero, a parent of a Hale JHS student.

About 300 superintendents are against the rankings. They say the grading is too tough and uses a flawed formula.
The State Department of Education reports more than 90 percent of Oklahoma schools received a grade of C or higher.

To view the complete list of grades, visit the Oklahoma Department of Education (http:// athroughf) online.

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