Parents of child found in cage in court, argue case should be dropped

TULSA - The Tulsa couple charged in connection to an extreme case of child neglect are closer to trial.

Parents Erin Lewallen, 27, and William Lewallen, 47, were both arrested after the incident last fall.

Investigators say their children were found naked outside their house by a neighbor and another child was found in a dog cage, covered in feces.  A third child was found naked, sleeping next to William Lewallen in a bedroom.

Erin Lewallen was not home at the time.

Attorney's say William Lewallen was under the influence of medication and he has a criminal background.

On Monday, a judge heard Erin Lewallen's attorney argue charges against his client should be thrown out.  The judge found there was enough evidence to head to trial.

Erin Lewallen has until March 11 to decide if she will enter a plea or go to trial.  Her attorney says she's guilty by association but there's not enough evidence to show she put her kids in harm's way.

"It's a terrible ruling, to make someone stand for trial who wasn't there at the scene of the crime, who left her children eight hours previously," said Edward Lindsey, Erin Lewallen's attorney.

Meanwhile, William Lewallen's public defender filed a motion to dismiss the case against him.  His arraignment is scheduled for March 11.

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