Parents grow angry over Tulsa Public Schools decision to remove salad bars from schools

TULSA - TULSA - Some Green Country parents are speaking out about the recent Tulsa Public Schools decision to remove salad bars from schools.

TPS officials say they got rid of the salad bar because it became too costly.

"The reason why we did this is because this is an additional item that we don't get reimbursement for," Tulsa Public official Kit Hines said.

Parents are angry about the change and want the district to reinstate the garden bar at schools.

"I don't know if the cost factor is that convincing to me...I think you also have to look at the cost in the sense of obesity rates," TPS parent Amy Clingan said.

TPS tells us they're still offering a nutritional lunch, but some parents aren't buying the argument.

"Actually very disappointed that they will be reducing healthy options for kids," Clingan said.

Some TPS families say their children have stopped eating school lunches because of the change in the lunch program. Students say the garden bar was their favorite option at lunch.

"I don't eat lunch there anymore because that's all I eat," TPS student Caroline O'Conner said.

TPS officials say they are still offering fresh fruits and vegetables. They say they require all kids to have at least one fruit or vegetable on their plate before they leave the serving line.

"I would like to see them bring it back because I do see kids taking advantage of these options and I don't think they always have the best fruit and vegetables options at home," Clingan said.

A previous version of this story said the school district removed salad from schools. Hines said salads are served at least two  times a weeks.

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