Maureen Long, owner of Camelot Cancer Care under investigation, speaks out

TULSA - The owner of a clinic at the center of a federal investigation provided more details about what agents were looking for when they raided it on Tuesday. Meanwhile, 2NEWS has learned more about the owner and her late husband's storied background.

Maureen Long, owner of Camelot Cancer Care, says agents were looking for the drug Laetrile.

Long said the drug was not in her clinic and said she and her staff are innocent.

"We've done nothing wrong," said Long. "We've done nothing wrong but save lives."

Long's statement conflicts with what the husband of a patient told 2NEWS.

Sam Bass said he was in the clinic at the time of the raid. He says he was there to pick up Laetrile for his wife, who suffers from cancer.

"An FBI agent slammed his hand on it and said 'You can't take that,'" said Bass.

Long's statement also appears to conflict with information listed on the clinic's own website .

When describing the clinic's treatment program, the site reads "Our primary treatment program consist of a proprietary blend of pure, pharmaceutical grade, vacuum-distilled DMSO, high-dose Vitamin C and Vitamin B-17 (also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile) administered daily over a 20-day period."

The website also lists testimonials from patients who claimed they were cured of cancer after visiting the clinic.

A cancer specialist says Laetrile has not been approved by the FDA and there is no evidence it works.

"As far as I know, Laetrile is not an approved drug that would be used for cancer treatment," said Dr. Daniel Nader, chief of staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.


According to Long's biography on her clinic's website, she is a cancer survivor. The biography said Long was cured after seeking alternative treatment.

Long was married to Lazarus Long, a man who fancied himself a prince.

"Prince" Lazarus Long told 2NEWS in 1999 that he planned to start his own country, an island nation in the middle of the Caribbean.

"Well it is very real.  Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean it can't be done," Lazarus Long told 2NEWS during an interview.

He said the new nation would be known as The Principality of New Utopia and he would govern alongside his wife, "Princess Maureen."

Lazarus Long was the subject of a federal investigation. The Security and Exchange Commission accused him of fraud.

Lazarus Long died in 2012, but a website still exists promoting his idea.

The website features conceptions of what the island nation will look like, along with a copy of its constitution.

"We plan to build in New Utopia the finest hospital in the world, dedicated to the anti-aging and longevity modalities where you may have any treatment you wish, so long as you and your doctor agree," reads the site.

The website also lists New Utopia's embassy to the United States as a residence in south Tulsa, which is where 2NEWS tracked down Maureen Long.

After answering a few questions about the investigation into Camelot Cancer Care, an unidentified woman called Maureen into the house, and the conversation ended.

2NEWS contacted Maureen by telephone a few minutes later, but she referred the station to her attorney, who did not return any messages.

The FDA isn't providing any comment about the investigation.

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