Suspect who drove into home arrested at Owasso QuikTrip after threatening officers with syringe

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Two suspects thought to have plowed into a Rogers County home early Tuesday morning were arrested at an Owasso QuikTrip after one of the suspects threatened officers with a syringe.

Police say around 3:30 a.m. a vehicle drove through the home and a man and woman fled the scene.

Owasso police were assisting the Rogers County Sheriff's Office with a canine unit when someone reported their red pickup truck was stolen.

Police spotted the truck at QuikTrip near Highway 169 and Highway 20 around 4:15.  When officers approached the truck, a man and a woman fled inside the store.

Police say the woman surrendered to police once inside the store, but the man barricaded himself in a bathroom stall, telling officers he had a gun and he would use it if they didn't back off.

Shortly thereafter, the man showed officers a syringe and said he would infect them with it if they didn't leave.

Police say the man eventually approached the officers.  As they ordered him to stop and drop the syringe he continued, so they shot him with a bean bag.

Still, the man continued his approach.

Police say they eventually sprayed the suspect with pepper spray and he surrendered shortly thereafter.

The man was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.  Police believe he was under the influence of an unknown substance.  He will be arrested after being treated.

Officials did not say if the man was actually armed with a gun.

Neither suspects' identities have been released.

The convenience store remained closed Tuesday morning as officers clear the scene.

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