CVS clerk allegedly steals customer's debit card; second suspect accused of withdrawing $750

OWASSO -- A Nowata woman has helped police track down the thief she says stole her debit card at a Green Country pharmacy.

Lynette Thompson went to the CVS store on 96th Street in Owasso to pick up a prescription and paid with her debit card.

The clerk, Thompson says, told her the debit card was stapled, inside the bag with her medicine, but a short time later, Thompson noticed the card was missing, so she called her bank.

That's when she says she found out someone made $750 worth of withdrawals at a north Tulsa Walmart.

Investigators looked at the security tape and arrested the CVS clerk, Emmalyn Foster, for stealing the card, and a second suspect, Chase Daniel, for using it to withdraw the cash.

Thompson said she is just glad she noticed something was wrong quickly.

"At first I was mad because it was some place I had trusted," Thompson said. "I would have never dreamed in this drive-thru at a pharmacy, that they could've kept my card on purpose."

A spokesperson for CVS released this statement saying, "We are cooperating with the authorities in this matter. The former employee's alleged conduct is unacceptable to us and is not in keeping with our policies, procedures and values."

Daniel is due back in court on Monday.

Foster's next court date is later this month.

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