ATF agents find explosive device in Owasso home, same residence of explosion four days prior

OWASSO - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents located another explosive device in an Owasso home, just four days after a man at the same residence blew off his hand from a device

ATF agents interviewed a woman inside the residence Wednesday afternoon. During that interview, they discovered a second explosive device in the garage. 

Neighbors told 2NEWS that police told them to go back to their homes; moments later they reported hearing a loud explosion.

The Tulsa Police Bomb Squad entered the home and were able to dismantle the device. 

Neighbors surrounding the home said noise is frequently heard from inside, and U-Haul trailers are often seen coming in and leaving the driveway. 

"We like to walk dogs not bombs in Owasso, that's just the way we do," said neighbor Alandra Ward. "We like to make sure when we come home our home is still standing there, we don't worry about theft, we don't worry about things like this. This is a total shock." 

This past Saturday, agents recovered gun powder, commercial grade mortar tubes and possible pipe bombs from within the residence. 

Owasso police say are waiting until the suspect is out of the hospital before arresting him. 

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