Overpass construction set for U.S. Hwy 75, 116th Street North intersection

OWASSO, Okla. - Motorists driving through the intersection of 116 th Street North and U.S. Highway 75 will soon see the junction redesigned as an overpass intersection.

Earlier this month the Oklahoma Transportation Commission awarded Catoosa-based Sherwood Construction, Inc., with a $6 million contract to construct the intersection with a bridge to allow 116 th Street traffic to pass over the highway, according to officials.

ODOT spokesperson Kenna Mitchell told 2NEWS the new intersection – to be complete with on and off ramps and merging lanes – will be the latest effort by ODOT to make the now two-way stop more safe.

"This is an area where we have had so many accidents from traffic not yielding to U.S. 75 traffic," she said. "For some reason drivers do not yield. They are pulling into traffic without yielding."

The new design follows a train of measures ODOT has taken to improve the junction, among those being installing oversize stop signs for 116 th Street North traffic and flashing lights warning motorists on both roads of the intersection.

"At this point we think a better solution is an overpass to help further separate the traffic," she said. "We have done everything we can to catch driver attention."

The project once set to be launched in 2015 is now set to begin late this year or earlier in 2013.

It will take roughly nine months to complete.

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