Owasso Christmas Tree Farm is nearly sold out of locally grown trees

OWASSO, Okla. - Green Country residents are having Christmas Tree troubles. They're showing up in mass to the Owasso Christmas Tree and Berry Farm and not having much luck.

Farmer Bill Jacobs says his Oklahoma-grown trees are hard to come by because of a two year drought. Jacobs says if you want a fresh cut Christmas Tree you might have to settle for one he ships in from Oregon and North Carolina.

Jacobs grew 1,300 trees this year and most of them are already sold. Residents can come the week before Thanksgiving, tag a tree and let it grow. The ones that haven't sold "they've been very picked over."

"We've basically sold out of anything above six foot. Everything left in the field is a small tree" said Jacobs.

Bill says he lets his trees grow for five years. He now wants to add a year for a more successful crop.

"We're going to be planting more trees and have additional field of trees then we can go on a six year cycle," he said.

The price for an out-of-state tree is $60 to $70.

The farm sold more than 1,000 trees this weekend.

It's open weekdays from 1-7 p.m. and weekends 9 a.m.- 7p.m.

The Owasso Christmas Tree and Berry Farm is located at: 11039 N 129th East Ave, Owasso, 74055.

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