Open carry gun law in Oklahoma could impact businesses in Tulsa

TULSA - Open carry OK in Oklahoma?

The right to openly carry a gun could soon be legal. The bill is waiting for Governor Mary Fallin's signature.

If it's signed, business owners must decide if they'll allow firearms on their property, and they must post their requirements in plain view.

"Maybe it's worked over the 20 years. We haven't had any problems," said Mike Encinas. He owns Encinas Automotive on Brookside in Tulsa. His stance on bringing a gun inside the store is clear before you walk in. "They can bring a weapon in," he said.

Encinas didn't originally post the sticker of a gun to allow weapons. The reason he said is "a little reverse psychology."

Encinas says he and his co-workers are packing, "Be prepared. Hopefully they (customers) come in with the right attitude and for the right reasons."

With the open carry bill, you must have a concealed carry permit, which requires a background check.

"It's not going to be a man and woman going out on a date that's going to carry it into one of the restaurants in Utica Square," said Sergeant Shannon Clark who is with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Sergeant Clark says each deputy can decide whether to check for a permit. He says this will most likely happen if there is suspicion at a traffic stop or crime scene. "I don't think we're going to have the right to just go up and check them. We don't have the right to stop every car on the road and check you for a driver's license either."

If the bill passes, a policy will be written for 911 calls that deal with open carry.

"You'll probably get a lot of complaints called in to the local law enforcement about suspicious activity, a man with a gun, we as law enforcement will also have to transition in to that," said Clark.

Mike Encinas says he doesn't feel comfortable with guns out in the open at bars or schools, which is actually illegal.

Also, you can never carry them in federal buildings and airports.

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