One-of-a-kind icon screen helps downtown Tulsa Greek Orthodox church display its faith

TULSA - Long-awaited changes are coming to the Greek Orthodox Church in downtown Tulsa. An artist from Greece is wrapping up work on a one-of-a-kind icon screen.

Artist Konstantinos Papadakis says the intricate work is a labor of love.

"My first love was wood carving," he said.

Papadakis started this traditional icon screen nearly two years ago; every inch of it carved by hand.
Church members say they've waited a long time for the screen, calling it an important part of their worship services.

"There's probably a lot of misperceptions about what the icons mean. They're really supposed to be a reflection of ourselves. We are trying to attain a higher level of spirituality," said church member Nicholas Poyaci.

Papadakis started learning the craft when he was a young boy. Decades later, he now has more than a dozen pieces in churches around the world.
He says this screen displaying images of Jesus and the saints, is one of a kind -- a part of himself he's glad to leave behind for his friends in Tulsa.

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