Okmulgee murder suspect linked to Weleetka case

OKMULGEE, Okla. - Family members of a murdered Okmulgee woman believe her killer may have ties to the unsolved murder of two Weleetka girls from 2007.

In August, Kevin Sweat was arrested for killing his fiancée, Ashley Taylor. An OSBI spokesperson confirms Sweat is being looked at, like many others have been, in connection with the Weleetka murders.

Ashley's family reached out to 2NEWS Reporter Casey Roebuck to talk about how the cases could be connected.

Ashley's family members say they confronted Sweat when she went missing. They say it was Sweat's own words that lead them to believe that he may be responsible for not only her murder, but the murder of the two young girls in Weleetka as well.

"It doesn't even seem real. I keep expecting to see her walking in the door," said Trish Taylor, Ashley's mother.

Trish raised her oldest daughter Ashley, and her disabled younger brother and sister as a single mother. She says the four of them share a very special bond.

Trish broke down in tears when talking about how much she and her children miss Ashley.

"I've just never went this long without seeing her," said Trish.

In July, Trish said goodbye to Ashley, thinking Sweat, her fiancée, was taking her to New Orleans to get married. Weeks later, Sweat was back in Okmulgee. But no one had heard from Ashley.

Her family soon found bizarre pictures of Sweat and blogs posted on a website under an alias. In many of the pictures, Sweat is shown holding knives and guns. In one photo he is covered in blood.

Ashley's cousin Raquel Coy says she discovered the information after looking at Sweat's phone.

"I don't believe this was his first time (to kill)," said Coy.  "It's like he enjoys it. It's like he plans it out as though he is living out characters. It's like he enjoys it. He is soulless."

In August, Sweat was charged with Ashley's murder. He remains in the Okmulgee County jail.

Her family says when Ashley disappeared, they cornered Sweat at the couple's apartment and demanded answers.

Coy recounted the confrontation to 2NEWS by saying, "I asked Kevin 'what did you do with my cousin? I know you didn't let her out of the car. You probably did something, just like you did with those Weleetka girls.' And I made the comment, 'Lord knows you might have done something to your brother.' (Sweat's brother committed suicide) And he looked at me said, 'I didn't kill my brother.' But he didn't say anything about the Weleetka girls. I just went numb when he said that."

An OSBI spokesperson confirms Sweat is being looked at, like others, in connection to the 2007 murders of Taylor Paschel-Placker and Skyla Whitaker.

The young girls were gunned down near Placker's Weleetka home. No arrests have been made.

Jessica Brown with OSBI tells 2NEWS, "He committed a violent crime in the area when he murdered his fiancée. We would be remiss not to look at him in the Weleetka case. But we can't release any more details on a suspect until someone is charged."

Weeks after her disappearance, Ashley's charred remains were found in a pile of ash at the Weleetka home of Sweat's father.

Ashley's aunt, Dione Coy, said, "I definitely think he had something to do with the other two little girls."

Taylor's family says Sweat was questioned in connection with the Weleetka murders before Ashley's murder.

The Weleetka case went three years without any credible information being released to the media about progress in the case. Then just a week after Sweat's arrest, OSBI released a description and serial number for a Glock 40 caliber model 22 handgun they say was used in the murders.

The OSBI is still looking for the gun. They believe it was sold at a Tulsa gun show in March. They say the person that owns it now did not commit the murders.

Anyone with information on the gun's whereabouts is asked to call the OSBI.

The weapon's serial number is: EKG463US

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