Okmulgee man arrested for the murder of his fiancé

OKMULGEE, Okla. - An Okmulgee man has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of his fiancée.

Ashley Taylor's family says she told them she was leaving town on July 17th to marry Kevin Sweat in New Orleans. She said they would return home in two weeks, but no one has heard from her since.

Wednesday, Sweat was arrested for her murder.

Sweat initially told investigators that he and Ashley got into an argument while heading south on Highway 75 and that she got out of the car near Schulter. But detectives say his story began to unravel after further questioning.

"I've had a feeling for the last week that it wasn't going to be a good outcome", said Patricia Taylor, Ashley's mother.

Her worst fears were realized Wednesday night when Sweat was booked into the Oklmulgee County Jail on a complaint of first degree murder.

Okmulgee Police say he admitted that Ashley's death was his fault, but so far her body has not been found.

Ashley's aunt, Dione Coy, says Ashley truly believed that Sweat was taking her to New Orleans to get married.

"She has her hair cut for the wedding. She had a wedding dress picked out and everything," said Coy.

Ashley was very close to her sister and brother who are disabled. When her brother's birthday passed with no phone call, Ashley's family grew concerned.

Her mother said, "Her brother's birthday was on the 24th and she didn't call. And that is when I really started to kind of worry. Because she would always call him. She would keep in contact at least two to three times a week if not every day."

A missing persons report was filed and soon Ashley's family learned about a different side of Sweat. They found he had profiles on Internet dating sites and social media pages under various names. It's left them wondering who the person was that has been a part of their family for nearly four years and what he may have done to Ashley.

Coy says Ashley's family feels betrayed.

"We just don't understand how anyone could hurt Ashley," said Coy.  "She was such a sweet girl. We just want them to find her so we can put her rest."

Investigators say Sweat is no longer cooperating with investigators. They are hoping to be able to locate her body without his help.

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