Oklahomans in Colorado to campaign for Romney

DENVER, Colo. - It's 9 a.m. in a suburb of Denver, Colo. and a group of campaign volunteers is getting fired up.

They're heading out to go door-to-door to find every last vote they can for Mitt Romney.

But what makes these volunteers unique is where they're from.  All of them are here from Oklahoma.

"Colorado is a closely contested state where volunteers like us can make a difference," said George McFarlin, of Tulsa.

"They'll ask why we're here from Oklahoma, and we'll tell them we're here to add to the volunteer pool," said Tom Lorincz, of Coweta.

They're part of a group of nearly 50 Oklahomans spending the final week before election day in Colorado, knocking on nearly 10,000 doors.

"(I've) been doing this for 40 years and it's always worth it to go help another district another state that needs it," said Lorincz.

"The voter lists we get are Republican voters who have been infrequent voters in the past so we're trying to get them to the polls," said McFarlin.

2NEWS also found Democrats who went to battleground states to campaign for President Barack Obama.  

Unfortunately, none of them were available for interviews as most of their volunteers are working in Green Country.

"When given the opportunity between volunteering and staying here in the state and going to battleground states, most chose to stay here and work for our candidates locally," said Michael Whelan, vice-chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party.

But Lorincz and McFarlin are happy to be in Colorado and voters there are surprised to see them.

"Wow, such dedication you have for coming all the way to Colorado," said one Colorado homeowner.

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