Oklahoma wheat farms experience worst harvest since 1957 due to drought and spring freeze

BIXBY, Okla. - It's been a difficult summer for Oklahoma wheat farms.

Statewide, farmers are experiencing the worst harvest in half a century.

Drought conditions and an April freeze contributed to the problems this spring.

According to the Oklahoma Wheat Commission, this year's harvest is 97 percent complete.

Farms produced 51 million bushels in 2014. Last year they grew twice as much. This is the worst year since 1957.

But many farmers remain hopeful for next year.

“We will see how it goes this fall, if we can put in another crop and maybe next year will be better,” John Christ, Bixby cattle farmer, said. “They will be able to put some stocker cattle on it and get the rains at the right times, maybe it will turn around for them.”

In the meantime, farmers expect beef and grain prices to go up for shoppers and insurance claims to go up for farmers.

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