Oklahoma State University football player accused in sex tape scandal

STILLWATER, Okla. - An Oklahoma State University football player is accused in a sex tape scandal.

One of his fellow OSU students filed a report with campus police.

She claims the player is her ex-boyfriend and he taped them having sex without her knowledge.    

OSU school officials are staying very tight-lipped about the incident but it is front page news on the school paper and it's causing a buzz around campus.

"My first reaction was why would you make a sex tape?" said Niran Al, an OSU junior.

"It's not surprising to me that something did happen like this," said Karinne Simms, an OSU sophomore.

Thanks to the local paper and social media word of the alleged sex tape spread fast.

"It was an actually really shocking things like this don't always happen, at least I don't hear about, so I was really shocked about it," said freshman Christine Walsh.

"Everyone on campus looks up to them and everyone knows who they are and it does reflect badly on the university when stuff like this happens," said freshman Emily Farris. "I just put myself in that girl's shoes and I thought about how my life would be ruined and I just felt really bad for her."
"Especially being an athlete like that, it's not a good look," Simms said.

The victim told police the incident happened in a residence on campus and it happened without her knowledge or consent.

"If he did it without her consent it's pretty messed up, it should totally not be released," said OSU junior Stephen Slykerman.

If the allegations are true, many students who spoke with 2NEWS are concerned there will be sufficient punishment, especially since it involves a football player.

"They play a huge part in representing OSU so I definitely think they should be held accountable," said Walsh.

"I think this girl, her life could have been ruined and if I were her I would want someone punished for it," Farris said.

OSU campus police are calling the incident a peeping tom case. No charges have been filed but university officials say they are conducting an internal investigation.

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