Oklahoma medical examiner adds 21st victim to May 31 tornado, storms death toll

OKLAHOMA CITY - The state medical examiner's office has added a 21st victim to the death toll of the May 31 storms and tornadoes.

The cause of death for Yolanda Sarat-Santos, 34, is still under investigation, according to information provided by Amy Elliot, chief administrative officer for the ME's office.

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Among the now 21 dead are seven children -- the youngest just 17 days old.

Several victims drowned when heavy rains caused flooding, but the majority of the deaths are attributed to blunt force traumas and injuries.

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The largest of the storms May 31 was an EF-5 twister near El Reno that was on the ground for about 40 minutes and traveled more than 16 miles.

Since mid-May, 47 people have died during this storm season, including two when a tornado touched down in Shawnee and 24 in the Moore tornado (www.kjrh.com/moore).

Below are the victims from the May storms:

May 31

William Rose O'Neal, 67
Timothy Samaras, 55
Carl Richard Young, 45
Richard Henderson, 35
Maria Pol Martin, 26
Rey Chicoj Pol, 17 days
Cory Don Johnson Jr., 3
Dustin Heath Bridges, 32
Paul Samaras, 24
Florinda Santos Tecun, 34
Samuel Cifuentes Santos, 33
Brandon Santos, 8
Alex Cifuentes Santos, 4
Christopher Santos, 4
Lesley Sarat-Santos, 7
Timothy Shrum, 21
Terra Shrum, 3
James Talbert, 65
Brandie Kay Perry, 40
Dorenia Hamilton, 79
Yolanda Sarat-Santos, 34

May 20

Terri Long, 49
Megan Futrell, 29
Case Futrell, 4 months
Shannon Quick, 40
Sydnee Vargyas, 7 months
Karrina Vargyas, 4
Jeany Neely, 38
Antonia Candelaria, 9
Kyle Davis, 8
Janae Hornsby, 9
Sydney Angle, 9
Emily Conatzer, 9
Nicolas McCabe, 9
Christopher Legg, 9
Cindy Plumley, 45
Deanna Ward, 70
Rick Jones, 54
William Sass, 63
Gina Stromski, 51
Tewauna Robinson, 45
Randy Smith, 39
Leslie Johnson, 46
Hemant Bhonde, 65
Richard Brown, 41

May 19

Glen Irish, 79
Billie Hutchison, 76

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