Oklahoma horse trainers waiting on Fair Meadows racing decision

TULSA - A roller-coaster affair.

At first horse racing was over at Fair Meadows.

A deal between Expo Square officials and Muscogee Creek Nation was reached in November that would rename the QuikTrip Center to "MCN" and end racing at the facility.

Then it was back on.

Fair Meadows racing director Ron Shotts admitted making a mistake in October when he entered the track into 2013 racing contracts without consulting the Fair Board.

Now a meeting is set for Wednesday to decide how to proceed.

For anxious race horse owners, that announcement can't come fast enough.

"Horse racing is just like coaching football," said trainer Mike Teel. "You're only as good as your athletes and your athletes got to practice."

Teel says he and his horses are already preparing for next year's circuit and are heavily invested in Fair Meadows.

Teel says he spent $2 million in 2010 to make his track a replica of the Tulsa track.

He says he's gone to Will Rogers Downs, Fair Meadows and Remington Park in Oklahoma City for the past seven years.

"If I don't run there, that means i have to run somewhere else," he said.

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