Sheriff: Man drags horse behind ATV

SALLISAW, Okla. - A horse is brutalized in Sequoyah County.

The sheriff says its owner dragged the horse behind an ATV until it was near death and then tried to cover it up.

Witnesses reported the incident to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office Friday afternoon, when deputies arrived the horse had to be put down.

"The injuries were severe, lost an eye ball, basically drug a hole in it's side," said Sheriff Ron Lockhart with the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office.

The horse belonged to 26 year old Ruben Houston, who had already attempted to contact the Sheriff's Office himself.

"The initial call was, Mr. Houston had called and said his horse got hit by a car," said Lockhart.

Lockhart says Houston tried to hide the horse on another neighbor's property and told deputies someone else had dragged the horse.

"He finally admitted the horse had been getting out of the pasture and that he was going to teach it a lesson," said Lockhart.

Houston was arrested at the scene.

According to the deputy's report, the horse had been dragged for nearly a half a mile.

Neighbors tell 2News they are disgusted.

"No animal deserves that, none," said neighbor, Dustin Fuller.

"It was just an act of anger, he was really mad and to take it out on something, an animal," said neighbor Karen Day.

They hope this incident puts a stop to any future contact Houston has with animals.

"They can't speak, a horse or dog, so we want to speak for them," said Day.

"I don't know what got into him to drag the horse down the road, but it's a serious mistake and he's going to pay for it," said Lockhart.

Houston has already posted bond. His first court appearance is Wednesday.

The sheriff says Sequoyah County residents who feel like they can't take care of their animals can call the sheriff's office and they will take them off their hands. Their number is (918) 775-1213.


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