Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame has until Oct. 4 to pay bills

TULSA - The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame owes $65,000  in unpaid bills and has only weeks to pay them off.

Tulsa County, which owns the building that houses the Jazz Hall, set a deadline of Oct. 4.

It is unclear what would happen if the matter remains unresolved after the deadline. It's also unclear what options the county would have with respect to its lease agreement with the organization.

Jason McIntosh, CEO of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, told 2News he doesn't believe the county can evict the organization from the building because voters approved a measure, as part of Vision 2025, allowing the building to be used by the organization.

The Jazz Hall is counting on fundraisers to help it pay off its debt, much of which includes overdue electric bills.

Jeff Kos, chairman of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, said some debts have already been paid off.

"There are certain bills that unexpectedly came up earlier than we thought, earlier than were budgeted for," said Kos. "We're not worried about making that (Oct. 4 deadline). In fact, we've had a chance to pay down a good portion of that already."

McIntosh blamed much of the problem on the ballpark assessment fee, which he said the jazz hall was hit with this year and last year.

The Industrial Authority, the county board which set the deadline, is scheduled to discuss the matter in executive session at its Sept. 17 meeting.

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