Officers play Santa, deliver free computers to less fortunate children

TULSA - Officers representing 10 area law enforcement agencies played the role of Santa Claus on Tuesday.

The officers delivered 75 free and refurbished computers to children in less fortunate families.

The deliveries are part of a mission by PC Power, a charity created by retired law enforcement officers.

PC Power accepts donated computers and refurbishes them throughout the year.

In the week leading up to Christmas,  on-duty officers deliver the computers.

Since 2003, the charity has given away more than 700 computers.

"That's just the way technology is these days. You've got to have a computer to stay in the game," said Karen Ford, executive director of PC Power.

Ford said PC Power works with area school districts to identify children in need of a home computer.

"Most of them are obviously low-income. They're usually on free or reduced lunches at school," said Ford. "The ones we're looking for are the ones that are really trying to make things work and just need that little helping hand."

Tulsa police officer, Darrell Ross, understands the struggles underprivileged kids face.

"When I was growing up, I was just like most of these kids. I grew up in a poor area," said Ross.

Ross was eager to play the role of jolly Old Saint Nick, delivering computers to two families.

For mother of three, April Moreland, the delivery was a big relief.

"That's one of the things they definitely wanted for Christmas that I couldn't afford for them, so they'll be happy," said Moreland.

Ross hopes the program will inspire the community, especially young people, to view law enforcement in a different light.

"So often we get to see people on their worse days or on their bad days," said Ross. "We like to help people not just when their lives are in danger, but also so they feel better about themselves and interacting with law enforcement."

For more information, including ways to donate computers, visit the official website of PC Power.

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