ODOT crews to re-pave crumbling Hominy Bridge in effort to buy time before 2017 planned replacement

TULSA COUNTY - Delays can be expected for drivers who frequent the Hominy Bridge just north of Sperry on Highway 11.

Crews are making repairs on the crumbling bridge in an effort to extend its life until its planned 2017 replacement.

Five holes have been repaired in less than a month but drivers still face a bumpy ride with all the patches, potholes and dips leftover from an earlier repair.

Crews are currently working to remove the patches and re-pave the bridge to prevent future problems.

ODOT officials are hopeful the bridge will remain in working order until its reconstruction, but if at any point they determine the bridge is unsafe they will close lanes or the entire bridge.

Meanwhile, crews are closing one lane from around 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Friday.


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