Occupy Tulsa Protestors plan to sue city

TULSA - At least eight Occupy Tulsa protesters say they will sue the City of Tulsa. This comes 14 days after pepper spray was used to get the men and women out of a downtown park after curfew.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the suit had not been filed, although the paper work was complete. Occupiers are waiting for an attorney to decide if he will take the case. If not, individual suits will be filed next week.

Occupier Eli Silva says, "I filed because we were sitting on some grass and I felt the police were excessively brutal." Silva, and up to nine other occupiers who were pepper sprayed, plan to sue the City of Tulsa.

Silva says they want money for pain and suffering and lost property. "I filed for monetary compensation but I'd settle for everything we lost as a group back. At the end of the day that's what's important to me," Silva said.

Silva says those arrested on November 2 have tried to claim their personal belongings at least three times. The property ranges from a driver's license to an upscale tent. Silva says, "at different points they've given us different stories. We were told we could just come pick them up. Then we were told to describe the items. Then we went with descriptions. Then we were told because there was no arresting officer that we would not be allowed to claim the items."

Occupiers claim there is now a tense relationship with police. TPD hasn't used pepper spray since that evening, but additional arrests have been made.

The City of Tulsa said it does not comment on pending claims or litigation.

The occupiers have requested a permit from city council to stay at the park, which has been denied twice. Silva says, says they will wait until the new council is in office to try for another permit.

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