Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has historic week for pot busts

CAMP GRUBER, Okla. - It has been an historic week for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Authorities have found and destroyed millions of dollars in Oklahoma-grown marijuana in a single week.

"We started the week with the largest marijuana grow in our state's history. Probably around 9,000 plants -- just a tremendous amount," said Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics director Darrell Weaver. "And then yesterday we had about 40 plants. So it's been a good week."

OBN agents tell us they found the 40 plants behind the Peggs-area home of Manard Mayo Jr., booked into the Cherokee County Jail Wednesday.

The week's previously discovered plants -- most the size of Christmas trees -- hold an estimated $10 million.

Investigators say the growers -- suspected Mexican nationals -- were actually living next to the field. Agents are currently searching for four to five suspects they believe may still be in the area.

Weaver says it's a battle these agents fight daily, and while this week was a good one for his agency, he says it takes constant diligence to fight the war on drugs. It's takes an arsenal of aircraft, weapons and military style training to keep up with Oklahoma drug dealers, many of which are backed by Mexican drug cartels.

On Thursday, 2News took a trip to Camp Gruber, a training center allowing agents to sharpen their skills.

"We are trying to utilize all the the resources we can. It's often better than putting people out there and having them walk into a field. So we do utilize the aircraft. We use rappel operations", said Weaver. "We try to minimize the risk and some of the dangers that we encounter on this job."

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