Obama, Romney supporters attend debate watch parties

TULSA - Green Country residents watched President Barack Obama square off with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Wednesday night during the first presidential debate.

Several watch parties were held across Tulsa.

2NEWS spoke with supporters of both candidates about why their candidate is best for the job.

Tulsa resident Don Winett is an Obama supporter.

"The president is for everyone. The president understands this is a country of all kinds of people," said Winett.

Another Tulsa resident, Aaron Brewer, is a Romney supporter.

"I think Gov. Romney has more experience, certainly in business," said Brewer.

2NEWS also asked supporters what they admired about the other party's candidate.

"Governor Romney is a very fine gentleman," said longtime Democratic activist and Obama supporter Mike Workman. "He has a sincere religious belief different from mine, but I'm proud he's in the race."

Matt Pinnell is chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party.  While he solidly supports Romney, he does admire Obama's role as a father.

"I think he's a good dad. I think he loves his family. I just think he's a really bad president," said Pinnell.

Most people said the economy was the issue they cared most about.

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