Northwest Tulsa family loses their home in a fire, Red Cross provides housing

TULSA - A northwest Tulsa family is picking up the pieces after a Wednesday morning fire that destroyed their home.

Around 10 a.m. Wednesday, Deborah and Alvis Amos heard a clunk on their roof. Then they noticed a black shadow overhead. They quickly realized their home was on fire.

"I got my phone and stood up to call 911 and was trying to type it in and he said, 'Get out!' He hollered again, so I knew it was urgent," said Deborah Amos.

So urgent in fact that her husband nearly lost his life trying to save their four dogs and secure the family's car keys to move their vehicles before they melted from the flames.

Alvis slipped on his way out of their mobile home just as a window exploded above his head.

"Boy it happened so fast. I always heard when a mobile home and stuff catches on fire, it goes real fast," Alvis Amos said.

The Amos' daughter, Sabrina, and son-in-law Malcolm also survived the fire.

Little was able to be salvaged from the fire except for paperwork important to the Amos'. Not only did they lose their dogs, which they referred to as their children, they lost all of their material goods.

"I got my family. That's the important thing," Alvis said.

The Amos' haven't gone without help in the two days since their tragic event. The Red Cross has stepped up to provide a three-night stay at local motel and is helping to secure the family an apartment. It's a silver lining for the Amos', who say they have been met with generosity from not only friends and neighbors, but also from complete strangers.

"To see the outpouring of help from friends and the community here and people -- strangers we didn't know have walked up to us and heard us talking about it and given us money," Deborah said.

The Black Dog Fire Department is coming to the Amos' aid as well. They're hosting a benefit chili dinner next Saturday at the department for the family.

Condolences to the family can be made to . Donations can be made at

The fire department says the fire was caused by a wood burning stove.

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