North Tulsa youth program announced following Good Friday shootings

TULSA - Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett announced a pilot program crafted for north Tulsa youth Tuesday.

Called "Bridges of Faith to One Tulsa" by Bartlett's wife Victoria, the program will involve "positive summertime activities" to provide a safer environment for youth in the area. 

"We need to focus on kids in north Tulsa and give them something to do this summer. I'm asking church leaders and volunteers throughout Tulsa to form sports teams and commit to being a coach or chaperone," Bartlett said. "Together, we can positively affect the future of those kids who are the future of our entire city. The City will be there as well to fill in the blanks where we are needed."

Good Friday's shootings has many Tulsans on edge and was on the minds of Victoria Bartlett and District 1 Councilor Jack Henderson following the announcement.

"Tulsa can be in the national news again -- in a good way -- if we join together to help our children," Victoria Bartlett said.

"This past weekend has been trying ... Our citizens proved last weekend that we can stand together as one," Henderson said. "I feel good today as a councilor for our city, to change Tulsa and make it one."

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