North Tulsa woman Cherie Waggie arrested for abuse of 29 cats, dogs

TULSA - A north Tulsa woman was arrested Thursday after authorities found 29 malnourished cats and dogs in her home.

Cherie Waggie was charged with 29 counts of animal abuse and a second-degree burglary count.

Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies discovered the pets around 11 a.m. while performing a court-ordered lockout in an eviction case.

Hours later, Waggie showed up at the Tulsa animal shelter looking for the animals, where she was arrested.

All 22 cats had to be euthanized, says Jean Letcher, Tulsa Animal Welfare manager. Four dogs survived, two of which have already been adopted.

"They're doing fine," Letcher said. "They're not as socialized, and some of them are thinner, but in general they're in OK shape."

Letcher says the dogs would make great pets, and need a patient owner who wants to spend time with them.

The dogs are currently at the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter and can be adopted for $75.

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