Ailing north Tulsa widow looking for answers in husband's unsolved murder

TULSA - A north Tulsa widow is demanding answers from Tulsa police after a killer shot her husband multiple times.

Two months later there are still no suspects.

"We don't know who did it. We don't know why it was done," said Oveta Moore, the recent widow of 48-year-old Wayne Bell.

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Detectives say someone shot Bell while taking out the trash on his deadend north Tulsa street. TPD has yet to arrest the culprit.

"Somebody should know something by now. To give us some peace within us. We have no peace," said Moore.

Detectives say they don't have a strong suspect but are looking at several people in Bell's former neighborhood.

They said Bell had several girlfriends on the side, smoked marijuana and took out a more than $100,000 life insurance policy just a few weeks before his death. Investigators say any one of those could be factors in his murder.

What's more, Bell's wife said someone fired four shots into their home just a week before this murder and four shots back in February.

"If I had a wish that I could bring him back, I would," said Moore, who herself is in a battle for her life with a failing kidney. "We deserve to know. If I was to die today or tomorrow I wouldn't be happy because I don't know."

Bell coached at many Tulsa Public Schools and worked at the Tulsa County Juvenile Detention Center.

Detectives say someone shot Bell around 10:30 at night. He wasn't found until 7 a.m.

This is the seventh murder this year Tulsa police have yet to solve.

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