North Tulsa residents react to shooting, arrests

TULSA - Now that the shooting suspects are behind bars, a community begins to heal.

North Tulsa residents say they are just glad the suspects are off the streets and will let the justice system handle the rest.

Another week begins in north Tulsa, where early Friday morning, police say three victims were shot and killed within a three-mile radius.

"So I just thank God they got picked up and they don't have to be on the street anymore," said Charlene Harring.

Relief is setting in for residents now that the two suspects are locked up.

"They shot five people, and I was wondering how many more they were going to shoot," said Harring.

"I just live up the street, apparently right where he started, North 51st Street. So it made me nervous," said Mike Smith.  

While questions still remain about the motive behind the shootings, many are thinking about the families of the victims.

"Wow, that was my first thought about it, was someone was hurting. And there are things that need to be done and cleared up. And to just get to the bottom of it," said Wyvonne Marshall.  

Marshall says residents are ready to put this behind them.

"Oh I was just so thankful, just so thankful that they were caught," she said. "And the quick reaction to the catching, that nobody else was hurt, and we're just blessed that that part is over with. And we know justice will be served."

But some in the community believe this was more than just a string of random shootings.

"I feel it was racially motivated," said Gus Harbert. "Because of what the situation was and the statements that had been made prior to the shootings and all that."

Either way, Harbert says it's in prosecutors' hands.

"The law is the law. They're going to handle it pretty much the way they feel is the right way to go with it," he said.

Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris says if the evidence points to a hate crime, he'll file that charge.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Attorney's office tells 2NEWS it is evaluating whether or not to file any federal charges and will continue to support the ongoing state investigation and prosecution.

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