Nick's Liquor store owner Frank Galarza recounts surving tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma

MOORE, Okla. - Looking through the debris of what was once his liquor store, Frank Galarza sees flashbacks of people injured and lying on the ground, as well as strangers pulling him out of the rubble.

Nick's Liquor Store was attached to the 7-11 convenience store where three people were killed in the EF-5 tornado Monday afternoon.

On Sunday, Frank was back where his store once stood.

He has staples in his head, two fractured vertebrae, two fractured ribs, a fractured shoulder blade and countless bruises. But he's still here.

"Every time I bend over it hurts," said Frank. "If I stand up too long it hurts, if I laugh it hurts."

But the pain isn't as bad as what's keeping him up at night.

"I actually thought that was the end. I really, really did. I didn't think I was going to make it," Frank recalled.

While some people didn't make it out of this location, Frank says he doesn't understand why he did.

He says he thinks it may have something to do with sticking around to raise his two children. After all, the store name, Nick's, is named after his four-year-old son Dominique.



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