New Vision 2 plan extends Vision 2025 tax package

TULSA - Tulsa leaders unveiled a new plan Thursday that extends the Vision 2025 tax package.

It's called Vision 2 and is expected to cost nearly $748 million.

Right now, taxpayers are paying an additional 0.6 percent on sales taxes. If Vision 2 is passed, the tax would continue until 2029.


  •     Gives companies incentives to locate in Tulsa.
  •     Gives surrounding cities money for projects.
  •     Gives money to city-owned buildings for upgrades near the airport.

American Airlines, Spirit Aero and IC Bus would all be up for renovation.

Vision 2 co-chair Dawn Walker says if AA doesn't survive, Vision 2 would be even more important as an attractor to potential business.

"If one of those happen to move, relocate or go out of business, it still gives the community a state of the art world class industrial facility that we can market to other companies and save high paying jobs," said Jim Fram, with the Tulsa Metro Chamber.

Consultants estimate upgrades to the three buildings will cost $386 million, roughly half of the Vision 2 budget.

Vision 2 could be on the November ballot. County commissioners will decide Monday.

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