New monitoring device in place on Grand Lake

LANGLEY, Okla. - Toxic Blue Green Algae threatened to ruin the holiday for many, this past July.

Heading into this holiday weekend, the scene is much different for Oklahoma's largest, Grand Lake.

"Expect it to be real good.  The last hurrah, everything is good," said Richard Boswell, the Park Host at the Cherokee State Park Lakeside, near Disney.

Boswell says he loves his job, "Sunset's the best in the west right there. "

This season's been tough because of more than just toxic algae.

"The heat, burn bans," said Boswell.

This Labor Day weekend things are turning around, along with improved weather, Blue Green Algae is no longer considered a threat at grand..

"Our continued monitoring is not showing signs of it," said Justin Alberty, with Grand River Dam Authority.

Their monitoring now includes a brand new device just installed near the Pensacola Dam on Grand Lake.

"It will allow us to see if conditions are conducive for Blue Green Algae," said Alberty.

It also measures water temperature, pH and oxygen levels.

"We've never had anything like this on Grand Lake before, this kind of information," said Alberty.

It can't prevent BGA but it can keep lake-goers informed.

"This is not a device that's going to combat or stop Blue Green Algae but it's certainly something that will allow us to maybe catch it earlier and maybe get out there earlier with our warnings," said Alberty.

For Boswell and his campers on Grand, Labor Day will be just what Grand Lake needs.

"I'm ready, bring it on," said Boswell.

If your holiday lake plans don't include Grand Lake or Hudson, the threat of toxic algae could be present.

Other lakes in the area like Eufala, Tenkiller and Keystone all still have some serious advisories against swimming. Texoma, Skiatook and Fort Gibson are also on the list.

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